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Bryan McCrystal is an athlete thats likes all kinds of sport, for the moment cycling on the Irish national circuit is what he does. 
Bryan is married to Karen and two children Rian and Eire.
Both Bryan and Karen work in their jewellers MINT in dundalk, Co Louth

Friday, January 29, 2016

Free yards

Am I qualified to speak about this. I think I'm more qualified than anyone because I am you and I am working progress. here goes..


Almost all my triathletes come from a non swim background. And I get asked the same question over and over by them. I need swim lessons. But you can swim? i ask...Ive no problem with getting your stroke  looked at but how many times are you going to do it.. If you are working with a coach for more the 3/4 months then he or she is taking your money too easy. (And I'm being generous with 3/4 months.. ) We are fixated with swimming in triathlon and its the shortest discipline.. put more effort into you bike and run and you'll be a different animal trust me.

Plan of action

 Here are my thoughts.. Get a few lessons if you need to. In my eyes that work is done. Now get in and train. Get the yards in... Ask yourself how long do you stay in the water at a time?? most want to improve there swimming but will only swim 30/45 mins... then blame their stroke. This isn't enough time in the water. You need to periodize swimming like the other disciplines but you need to put in the yards regardless of your ability and speed. You need to look at yourself and ask are you doing enough personally to make the gains. If your working with someone over 3/4 months paying them to show you how to swim then something is  not right.. A a message for you.. your stroke will never be perfect... ever. Go watch some of the top pros first out of the water. Some of them swim awful but they swim very fast.  So work with what you got, get in do the yards and get swim fit... like you would either biking or running and save your pocket! I tell my guys give me 4 months then tell me if you need your stroke looked at.


Wednesday, January 20, 2016

35 today

35 today so that's me  officially in my  mid thirties. At 16 I thought getting to this day would take a life time but its here. Back then I was in dream land when all my wishes came true when I began a career to fulfil a boyhood ambition to be a professional footballer. 15 guys signed that year and looking back we were all a bit over ambitious. We dreamed big but didn't want it enough. The work ethic wasn't there and it came and went in a flash.

I can now cash in on my pension(not that much). When I signed we took out a footballers pension that would mature at 35 when our career would be 'over' and we'd be finished and id be over the hill. It was some of the most amazing years of my life that have shaped the person I am today, not perfect mind you but the constant reminder the seize every opportunity as if its the last stays with me to this day.

If you are 16 now dont sit still. In the team photo below we all thought we'd have a career and make plenty of money in football but only one person in that photo made a career out of it and 90% quit playing football altogether before there were 22-25. Think ahead and dream with a brain. This world is a rat race & luck sometimes plays a part. Consistently have Plan A, B, C and D when things dont work out. You  need to be honest, work hard  and not sit still. I've met some amazing people of different personalities over the years and have taken little tips from each of them and moulded them into my own. Ive a beautiful wife that supports me in everything(mostly) I do and two healthy beautiful children. Who needs ferrari's  and million euro bank accounts!! (ok, there maybe an argument on that one!)

But am i really finished at 35??definitely not. This post is a personal therapy session to remind myself to keep working hard, keep meeting new people and continue to learn. Always be thankful and never take anything for granted.